Fantastic meals! New customer who is extremely a matter of fact we've been back twice in the past two weeks! Great spot for lunch, I work in area... only have 30 minutes for lunch though. had to beg off working later in the day so I can go to lunch here.
Will Stone
This place is amazing. Hidden gem in Albany, make sure to give it a try. Steamed Pork Dumplings are the best i've ever had. I go here pretty much once a week, it's that good. Get the crab or the dumplings for an app and wash it down with a Druthers IPA they have on tap = perfection.
I kept passing by and one day I stopped and I came back the next day too! It is just soooo good and the waitress on Tuesday was very cool. I want to go back everyday now!
Amazing Food, this ramen has been the best discovery I've had in Albany. They're fast and its in a cute location. I love everything about this place
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