Dylan C Devito
Awesome food, awesome service. 100% recommend
Wonderful ramen. My favorite is the spicy duck ramen--which has been sold out several times around the time I come in. I recommend making sure your duck supply is well stocked. Also, consider a loyalty program and lunch specials, as I would come more frequently if the $14 ramen was cheaper!
John Hodgens
I don't see any recent information or posts. Are you open?
Charlie benedetti
Good morning. I was hoping you might be interested in our local micro brew. We have been in business for 4 years, produce 7 beers year round on draught, and have 3 in tall boy cans. Our IPA, MegaBoss, recently won the gold medal at TAP NY as the best IPA in the Hudson Valley. Our flagship,Newburgh Cream Ale, won a silver medal at the GABF in Denver this past September. We distribute our products through Craft Beer Guild in Albany. Thanks for your consideration. Cheers!
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