Dolores Sutherland
When do you think you will reopen?
Brian here with DoorDash. I’m looking to connect with either the owner or manager. We are currently offering restaurants 30 days with no commission to join DoorDash to help you through this difficult time with COVID-19. If you have time for a quick 5 minute call please reach out to me at (845) 859-9198. Thanks in advance!
Wayne Tessier
Hello my name is Wayne Tessier and I would like to introduce you to the products we mfg. Our bar stools and chairs are mfg. in Wellsville NY. and feature 100%American made components. Our chairs and bar stools feature a 5 year warranty and are built for comfort and long lasting durability. We produce quality heavy duty bar stools and chairs at a competitive price.
Niki Mickey
Good morning! I ordered take away earlier this week and the prices on this website is less than what I was charged. I was expecting to receive a call and/or correction to the credit card charge. I would really like to resolve the discrepancy. Please give me a call. Thank you.
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