I wanted to write directly, rather than leave a public review. I enjoy everything you do. Always get the duck ramen, add pork. Always delicious. But the last few times we’ve ordered, the amount of meat (both duck and pork) have been very light. One time the duck was almost all bones. We live a bit far away and order on the later end so we always just accept it and enjoy what we get. But I’m wondering how I could politely make this known when we order again, as we have avoided for a while. I never mind paying more, but would just like the food we’ve come to expect. Again, everything is delicious and consistent flavor wise, and the staff is always incredibly nice & hospitable. Thanks for your help!
Sandy Steubing
There is a new, free, online directory for green and socially responsible businesses in the Capital District.  It is called Buy Local, Grow Local.   Your business may qualify to be listed.  Please fill out the Business Registration form. If possible, we'd like to include you in the directory.    We look forward to hearing from you, Sandy Steubing for 518-368-7045
Valerie Low
Hello there! My name is Valerie. I hope you are doing well in this difficult time. I want to get in contact with you about the straw supply for your restaurant. Many restaurants like yours want to ditch plastic straws but struggle to find alternatives that work, my company Valow Straws supplies the most durable paper straws, so you can give the best to your customers and save money with our wholesale pricing. I'd love to speak to you about what we could do for your restaurant. You could email me at or give us a call at 323-250-3590. Talk to you soon. Feel free to check out our website
Richard Conaway
My wife ordered me fried rice with shrimp, which I love and when we got home it was NOT fried rice but shrimp with veggies and white rice. Get your orders right. I am most unhappy right now.
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