Lee Aiezza
Dined in last night 8/20/21. My party of four arrived at approximately 5:10-5:15, and was seated. I believe there was only one other party seated at the time. Order was submitted at approximately 5:20-5:25 - no apps, just ramen. From there on we received very little attention, and watched three parties that arrived after us get their food. By the time we received our dinner at around 6:05, we had just enough time to eat a little bit before we had to get the rest packed up and pay our FULL tab and head out. While I'm not one to look for a handout, the gesture of a small % taken from our bill, or even a staff member to apologize for the inordinate amount of time our food took (or even recognition of the delay) would have made the experience much more tolerable. It was a very frustrating visit and I would suggest that a reminder to your staff about the provision of good customer service be in order. It's this type of service/lack thereof, that keeps me from returning to establishments.
Brian Godleski
Hi Dave, For what it's worth, Tanpopo Ramen is one of a handful of restaurants DoorDash is willing to extend an offer of 0% lifetime commission to (must be active by 6/30/2021). Let me know what you think.
Taylor Mann
Hi! I am a very very loyal Tanpopo fan. I absolutely love it and it is the only good ramen in the entire capital region. I really really think a location in Saratoga Springs would be SO SO lucrative and amazing for Tanpopo. I’ve personally brought 15 people here to try and were all from Saratoga. It’s AMAZING. I’ve thought of opening one but wouldn’t ever want to compete because it’s so perfect. That’s all, just wanted to make that suggestion. :)))
We having been buying ramen from your restaurant for years and our whole family loves it. Our youngest has a peanut treenut allergy and the store staff have been accommodating towards the allergy. On Monday I placed an order for take out and was told that the steamed pork buns have peanut in the sauce which you do not advertise because it is a type of secret ingredient. For us this is super dangerous and can result in anaphylactic shock. The person who placed the order did not seem to understand that food allergies can have dangerous consequences and told us that we probably didn’t have a reaction because the quantity was so small. No one has ever told us that the sauce contained peanuts. We want to continue to support your business but want to feel safe eating the meals. Can you tell me if there is peanuts in the sauce and if you have any other hidden nut ingredients?
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