Connor Paratore
Hello, My name is Connor with Republic Services. We are a leading provider of recycling and trash service for companies in the area helping companies like yours reduce costs by 33 percent. I'd love to show you the program we put together for Stewart's in Albany. Do you have time to meet for 10 minutes this week?
Joe Ruminski
Hi, I saw you on Yelp and was impressed with your branding and product offering. Have you considered franchising your business? Franchise Development Group helps companies such as yours expand through franchising. We have developed nearly 100 franchise concepts throughout the United States including several that have been featured on ABC’s Shark Tank. For many businesses franchising can be the most efficient and affordable way to expand whether a few locations regionally or becoming a national brand. If you would be interested in discussing franchising your brand please contact me at your earliest convenience. Attend our Free “How to Franchise” Webinar Visit our Website Joe Ruminski Franchise Development Group 800-222-3251
Brittni Switser
We had a delicious meal! The arkosphere/music and service were great too. We'll be back.
karen lindquist
Had the duck ramen and the pork belly buns today for lunch. Both were very delicious, but the duck ramen might need to come with a warning: very small, sharp bones in the broth! I was told when i ordered that the duck was on the bone, but the bones were quite small and sharp in some instances (like literally under 1/4", very small). After I ate the pieces of duck, I started spooning in the lovely broth, and that is when the tiny but evil fragment of sharp bone went down into my windpipe. It happened quite literally as the server came to our table, and my bf was chatting with her when i began to make ungodly sounds, which was embarrassing and horrifying to me and caused the server to politely disperse, and then to run back as it became apparent I was choking. I am still a little shaken. I actually considered trying to scurry to the restroom, which is a bad idea if you are chocking apparently, as that is often a one way trip. Folks, be careful with your broth. And to the
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